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C1  (Christ is the Head of This House 1)

 C2  (Christ is the Head of This House 2)

C3 (Even Christ pleased not...)

C4  (Monday's Child)

C5  (Serenity Prayer)

C6 (On This Day)

C7 (Legend of the Dogwood Tree)

C8 (The Weaver)

C9 (On the Wings of Prayer)

C10  (Children Learn What They Live 1)

C11 (Children Learn What They Live 2)

C12 (Touch of the Master's Hand)

C13 (One Solitary Life)

C14 (The Soul of a Child)

C15 (Tapestry of My Life)

C16 (Footprint in the Sand)

C17 (What God Hath Promised)

C18 (True Friends)

C19 (Life)

C20 (Circle of Friendship)

C21, (Miss Me, But Let Me Go)

C22, (Said The Robin To The Sparrow)

C23, (Grace)

C24, (Crossing The Bar)

C25, (Little Deeds)

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