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Scripture Prints, S1- S149

Item Qty Description Item Qty Description
S1 John 3:16-17 S73 Psalm 23
S2 2 Timothy 2:15 S74 Heb.11:1-3  (Faith)
S3 Joshua 24:15 S75 Jer. 29: 11-12
S4 Psalm 51:1-2,10-12 (A Psalm of Penitence) S76 1John 2:15-17   (Love God, Not the World) 
S5 Psalm 103:1-5,1,14-18 S77 Heb 12:1-2   (Jesus Is Our Example)
S6 Psalm 100   (Praise and Thanksgiving) S78 Ep.5:1-2,15,20-21  (The Walk of the Believer)  
S7 Psalm 23 S79 Luke 12:27-31  (Be Not Anxious for Tomorrow)
S8 Ephesians 6:10-20 S80 Matt 22:35-40  (The Greatest Commandment)
S9 Matt.5:3-12   (The Beatitudes) S81 Gal.2:20   (Christ Within)
S10 John 14:1-4 S82 Luke 10:25-28  (God's Greatest Commandment)
S11 Exodus 20:3-17  (Ten Commandments)  S83 Ex.23:20
S12 John 14:1-6 S84 Gen.1:29-30  
S13 Proverbs 31:1-31 (A Virtuous Women) S85 Ps. 27:1-2,4-5  (Triumphant Faith)
S14  Psalm 46 S86 Ps.24:1-5  
S15 Rom. 8:26-27   S87 Ps.91:1-4,11,12   (The Secret Place of Security)
S16 Ps.119:33-37  (Submission To His Word) S88 Matt 5:3-12    (The Beatitudes)
S17 I Corinthians 13:1-10,13 (Love) S89 Isaiah 45:5-8 NIV
S18 Romans 1:1-2 (Dedication) S90 Eph. 2:8-10  (Salvation By Grace Through Faith)     

Eccl. 3:1-8   (Our Allotted Time Frame)

S91 1Tim 4:12-13,15-16   (Growing In Christ) 
S20 Philippians 4:19 S92 Eph. 3:20-21    (To God Be The Glory)
S21 Hebrews 12:1-2   (Dedication) S93 Exodus 23:20
S22 Psalm 19:14 S94 Matt. 26:36-39   (Jesus Agony In the Garden) 
S23 Matt 6:9-13   (The Lord's Prayer) S95 Matt. 26:36-41   (Jesus Agony In the Garden)
S24 Matt 6:9-13  (The Lord's Model Prayer)   S96 John 11:14a.21-27 NIV   (Jesus Resurrection)
S25 Ephesians 6:11-17 (Spiritual Warfare) S97 Jer. 29:11-12  
S26 Matthew 5:3-12 (The Beatitudes) S98 Psalm 1   (Two Men, Two Destinies)
S27 2 Chronicles 7:14 S99 Heb. 11:8-12, 17-19 (Abraham's Faith & Obed.)
S28 Jude 24-25   S100 Eph. 2:8-10   (Grace)
S29  Exodus 20:3-7  (Ten Commandments) S101 Matthew 16:24-26   (Cost of Discipleship) 
S30 Matt. 28:19-20   (The Great Commission) S102 1Tim. 6:9-16 NIV   (Godliness vs Wealth)
S31 Psalm 139:1-10,13-14,23-24  (Majesty and Power) S103 Psalm 150:3-6
S32 John 3:16-17 (Faded Cross) S104 1 Cor. 2:9-11 NIV
S33 Phil. 2: 1-11  (Christ, The Christian's Pattern) S105 Isaiah 53:2-6
S34 Psalm 119:33-37  (Submissiveness to His Word) S106 Matt. 13:3-9  (Parable of the Sower and the Soil)
S35 Rom 12 1-2  (Our Dedication to God) S107 Matt. 13:18-23  (Interp.  of the Sower & the Soil)
S36 Psalm 100 (Praise & Thanksgiving) S108 Ep. 6:10-20
S37 Psalm 28:6-9  (Answered Prayer)    S109 1Thess. 4:13-18  (The Church Raptured) 
S38 John 14:1-6  (Our Eternal Home) S110 Hebrews 13:2
S39 Prov. 3:5-6,9,11-12 (The Rewards of Wisdom)       S111 1 Cor. 6:3-9a   (God Alone)
S40 Matt 6:9-13   (The Lord's Prayer) S112 Heb. 11 excerpts, NIV   (By Faith) 
S41 Ex.20:3-17   (The Ten Commandments) S113 2 Chron. 7:14  (Conditional Forgiveness)
S42 Eph. 6:11-17   (The Warrior's Armor and Foe) S114 Psalm 113   (God's Continual Praise)  
S43 Psalm 24:1-5  (Clean Hands and a Pure Heart)       S115 2 Tim. 4:5-8  (A Faithful Servant)
S44 Hebrews 4:12-14  (God Is Omniscient) S116 Rom. 11:33-36 NIV  (God's Matchless Wisdom) 
S45 Rom. 8:35,37-39  (The Believer's Security) S117 1 Thess. 4:13-18 NIV  (The Coming of the Lord)  
S46 Matt. 7:7-11   (Persistent Prayer)   S118 Psalm 104:1-5 NIV
S47 Psalm 19:1-3,7,10,14 (God's Creation and Law) S119 Matt. 11:28-30 
S48 John 1:1-5,9, 14  (The Eternal Word Incarnate...)  S120 Phil. 1:3-6 NIV   (Prayer and Thanksgiving)
S49 John 15:1-5  (The Vine and The Branch) S121 Gen.3:22-24 
S50 John 15:6-11  (Abiding In Christ)   S122 Judges 16:27-30 NIV
S51 Psalm23   (The Divine Shepherd)  S123 Luke 23:26-32
S52 Rom. 8:28-31   (God's Eternal Purpose)  S124 Jer 36:4 & 2Tim. 3:16 NIV  (Inspired Word of God)
S53 1Chron.4:10 NKJV   (The Prayer of Jabez)  S125 Rom. 8:38-39
S54 Psalm 32:1-5  (The Blessedness of Forgiveness)  S126 Heb. 13:2,3,5  
S55 2 Timothy 4:7-8   (A Faithful Servant) S127 Phil. 4:13  
S56 Phil.4:7-8,13,19   (The Peace of God)   S128 James 2:17-18  
S57 1Cor. 1 4-8 S129 Matt. 5:1-12  (Sermon on the Mount)
S58 2 Cor. 1:3-5 NIV   (The God of All Comfort) S130 Exodus 20:3-17  (Ten Commandments) 
S59 Ex. 18:17,19-26  (The Origin of Our Laws)   S131 Phil. 2:9-11  (The Exaltation of Jesus)
S60 1Timothy 3:8-13 NIV  (Deacon Qualifications)       S132 Phil. 4:12-13,19 NIV  (The Secret Contentment)
S61 1Cor. 3:9-10   (Christian Service) S133 2 Cor. 5:17
S62 Psalms 8: 3-9  (God's Glory & Man's Dominion) S134 Prov. 3:13-18 NIV (Rewards of Wisdom)
S63 Rev. 3:20 S135 Eph. 6:12  (Warrior)  
S64 Luke 24: 44-53 NIV S136 Psalm 1:1-6 
S65 Rom. 8:28   S137 Prov. 1:7-10,15-16 NIV  (Wisdom's Foundation)
S66 Isaiah 40:5-8 S138 Psalm 139:23-24   
S67 John 21:15-17 NIV  (Love, Our greatest motive)      S139 Phil. 3:4b-11  (Warning Against Legal Righteousness)
S68 Psalm 34:4-6,8 S140 Col. 3:16-17 NIV
S69 Gal.4:4-7  (The Family of God) S141 Deut. 31:6
S70 Excerpts from Genesis  (God, Our Creator)   S142 Psalm 30:11-12  
S71 John 3:16 S143 Jer. 29:11
S72 Psalm 139  S144 Amos 8:11-12  
      S145 Rev. 21: 3-4 NIV  (Our Heavenly Abode)
      S146 Matthew 9:22 NIV
      S147 Psalm 134
      S148 Rom. 5:1-8 NIV  
      S149 Rev. 21:1-6  (A New Heaven and A New Earth)


Hymn Prints,  H1-H35


Item Qty Description Item Qty Description
H1 Amazing Grace H19 Go to Dark Gethsemane 
H2 Beneath The Cross Of Jesus H20 Whiter Than Snow
H3 Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone H21 I Need Thee Every Hour
H4 It is Well with My Soul H22 Jesus Loves Me, 1
H5 The Lily of The Valley H23 Jesus Loves Me, 2
H6 Love Lifted Me H24 He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought 
H7 Day by Day    H25 Jesus Paid It All
H8 What a Friend We have in Jesus H26 I Will Sing of My Redeemer
H9 I Stand Amazed in the Presence   H27 God Will Take Care of You
H10 At Calvary H28 Blessed Assurance
H11 How Firm a Foundation H29 Are You Washed in the Blood
H12 In The Garden H30 Near to the Heart of God
H13 Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me H31 O Zion, Haste
H14 Blest Be The Tie H32 Beulah Land
H15 What If It Were Today H33 At the Cross

Heavenly Sunlight

H34 The Old Rugged Cross
H17 Just a Closer Walk With Thee H35 The Day of Resurrection
H18 Softly and Tenderly

Christian Prints, C1-C25

Item Qty Description Item Qty Description
C1 Christ is the Head of This House 1  C14 Soul of a Child
C2 Christ is the Head of This House 2 C15 Tapestry of My Life
C3 Even Christ Pleased not...   C16 Footprints in the Sand
C4 Monday's Child   C17 What God Hath Promised  
C5 Serenity Prayer   C18 True Friends
C6 On This Day C19 Life
C7 Legend of the Dogwood Tree C20 Circle of Friendship
C8 The Weaver C21 Miss Me -- But Let Me Go
C9 On the Wings of Prayer C22 Said The Robin To the Sparrow
C10 Children Learn What They Live 1   C23 Grace
C11 Children Learn What They Live 2 C24 Crossing the Bar
C12 Touch of the Master's Hand C25 Little Deeds
C13 One Solitary Life      


Small Prints,  SP1-SP28

(2 per-print)




Description Item


SP1 Have the Pride  SP15 Isaiah 26:3
SP2 Serenity Prayer SP16 Romans 8:37-39
SP3 Psalm 19:14    SP17 Matt. 11:28-30
SP4  II Chronicles 7:14 SP18 Matthew 6:33 
SP5 Said The Robin to the Sparrow SP19 Psalm 19:14
SP6 Jesus Loves Me SP20 Exodus 20:3-17
SP7 King Of Kings SP21 Mark 8:38
SP8 Matthew 11:28-30    SP22 Philippians 4:13

Christ is the Head of This House

SP23 1 Tim 4:12-13,15-16 NIV
SP10 Psalm 118:24 SP24 Sing Praises  
SP11 Exodus 23:20 SP25 Exodus 20:3-17 
SP12 Psalm 139:13-16 SP26 Matt. 11:28-30
SP13 Matthew 7:7,8 SP27 John 3:16-17
SP14 Gal. 2:20 SP28 Heb. 11:1,3,6

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